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Last entry here, really.

Okay. Things are up and going now. I can login to ext_49147 just fine now, and there is a feed on trausch which syndicates the entries that I make on my blog.

If you want me to be able to read your friends-locked entries, add ext_49147 to your friends-list (that is, user “ext_49147”—there is nothing that I can do to make that more intuitive, sorry). If you want be able to read me on LiveJournal, you will have to add trausch to your friends-list. However, there is one thing that doesn’t work: comments left on LJ’s syndication of trausch do not make it back to the blog. There is no easy way (that I know of) for me to be able to keep up with the comments both on my blog and on LJ, though the notification system they have might work well enough if it works for OpenID users—not sure on that just quite yet.

It is possible to make comments on my blog by clicking on a post’s comment link and using your OpenID login—“”. LJ will then ask if you want to use your OpenID from LJ on my web site; you can say no, for one time only, or forever. The OpenID system is put together in such a way that there are sets of random tokens that are passed back and forth between LJ and my server to perform the authentication, and so there is no danger in saying “forever” or “always” because you can only use your OpenID while you are logged into LiveJournal. OpenID does not transmit passwords from one site to the next, either (using those random tokens and such instead), so any site that you use OpenID on never sees your password—they just get permission from the server holding your ID (in this case, to log in as that OpenID.

If you use Google Reader or anything like that already, you can also read my blog through that; is the URL of the feed for Google Reader and any other RSS aggregation software that you might want to use.

Soon, old entries will be disappearing from LiveJournal, and my profile will be updated to reflect the move for anyone that might have missed this. I hope to see you all on my new site!
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I am sad… but I must move on.

I honestly never thought that I would see the day that I would post a “last post” entry here at LiveJournal. When I joined LJ in 2003, I thought that it was a wonderful service, run by wonderful people who believed in two values that I hold dear: freedom, and open source. While LiveJournal still provides Open Source software, in recent days they have shown that they do not believe in freedom—this is disheartening to me. I have friends here, I post in communities, and I have had at times past a paid membership to this service. I have spent lots of time and energy here in communities.

If you would like to continue to see me around, I have my own stuff in progress at and will continue to get more up there as time goes on. At the moment, LiveJournal members can comment on there (using the OpenID technology that was created by Brad Fitzpatrick of LiveJournal; I remember when that effort was born and was happy to see it). I can also comment on LiveJournal blogs using the same system—my posts will show up as being from the "" user (you can see what this looks like on my previous post here). I will be setting up something in the next few days so that I can still read people who like to keep friends-only entries up that they would like for me to be able to see; it will involve adding the ext_49147 user as a friend.

Also, while I cannot do this, any paid or permanent member can: my posts can be syndicated on LJ. If someone wants to do that, the feed URL for syndication is and it can be added at the bottom of the LJ Syndication page.

I will no longer be using the LiveJournal IM service, either. However, LiveJournal’s IM service is “federated” which means that it can talk to users on other Jabber networks. If you use LiveJournal’s IM service, you can add to your LJ IM buddy list.

My e-mail is also changing; I have decided that since I am leaving LiveJournal and I have contemplated changing my identity from the fd0man handle that I have had for years, I am going to finish that task. It is going to be, but I will still receive mail at for probably about six months while I transition over.

More on why I am leaving:

The trust that I placed in LiveJournal as the holder of my writings, however lame they might be, has been violated. Trust, as I am sure we all know, is far harder to earn than it is to lose, and LiveJournal combined with Six Apart, has managed to lose my trust completely. The most recent official communications from LiveJournal were, as far as I can tell, on May 25, 2007. This means that they have failed to address the current issues plaguing the site within an adequate time-frame. I used to work in customer service and if there were two things that I learned in doing so, it was that people appreciate it when you care about their problems, and when you care about their problems, you are motivated to respond to them not only as quickly as you can, but in a manner that makes them feel welcome and be proud to be a customer.

Many innocent journals and communities have been suspended by this service. Furthermore, there has been no effort to publicly apologize for these happenings as far as I can determine—and perhaps, even if there were, I would not expect those people who were affected by this massive cut of membership to ever return, even if they were promised free permanent accounts. It is a sad day for freedom in the online world, and there have been many of those both in cyberspace and the meatspace. It is unfortunate, and I think that there are going to be some major, major changes around the bend that many of us may not be prepared for.

As I have noted above, I will still be accessible to everyone. I am not sure of how active I will be in any communities here anymore, though I might still go ahead and use some of the features of the service. However, I am not prepared for them to shut me down like they have so many others, and I am also not prepared to support such actions—to me, this means that I must leave LJ as my primary system for blogging and more.

For many of you, this will likely be the time where we shall part ways. I understand that many people have a lot of web sites to keep up with anyway, and mine would just be one more of them. If someone is able to add the feed for my new site onto LiveJournal for syndication, that will make my site slightly more accessible to everyone (since it will then be able to be added to your friends lists). As far as I am aware, though, the OpenID system does not permit syndication in either direction, so unless someone adds the syndication to LJ, it won’t be done—I can’t do it. If we should part ways here and lose touch, I wish you well, and I hope that things go well for all of you in the future.

There isn’t much more to say. I will miss using LiveJournal, because it has been my home for so long. I have met many new people here, new friends whom I probably would never have met if it weren’t for my being here the first place. I do hope to see you in my new place, but I will understand if I do not. My move should be finalized within a week or two, time permitting.

Goodbye, LiveJournal.
not logical

I do not approve.

This will be my second-to-last post on the LiveJournal service—ever.

As everyone that reads my blog on a regular basis is likely well aware, I am not an advocate of the suppression of freedom nor speech, even when I do not agree with the subject matter that is being suppressed. Regardless, it seems that Six Apart and LiveJournal is actively suppressing people through permanent suspensions. Personally, I don’t care if it is only a single person—one person is too much.

I will be creating a new post here to let everyone know where I’ve gone, once I have something set-up. Those who wish to read me on LiveJournal can do so through by subscribing using a feed on your friends page; the information is somewhere in the FAQ. If I can dig it up before the next post I make here, I will do so.

Also, commenting and the like should remain just as easy as it has been while I have been on LJ; LJ supports an Internet-wide protocol known as OpenID so that people from other web sites can comment on LJ, and vice-versa, as long as everyone uses the protocol. So...

I will have more information later, but it’s been fun while I've been here. Just about four years I have been on LJ, and I know people who have been here for considerably longer than that. It does make me sad that I must go.
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Mono. Interesting stuff.

Want to write more, but don’t really have the time.

Though, I am really interested by Mono, and I want to learn more about it (and its associated languages). I have read through one Wikibook (which, arguably, was not terribly complete—but not a bad starting point, all things considered), and would like more information. Found the Mono documentation, but need to find more tutorial/intro-like things for C# and the Mono system. Anyone have any ideas there, preferably free (since I am kinda broke anyway)?
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Can someone tell me…

… How Microsoft Word can run out of memory when there is 220MB of physical RAM free, and over 600MB in swap free?

That’s just messed up.
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NFS rocks!

I find it interesting that such a service can exist and stay afloat, but they have been around for quite awhile. is a service that I once heard of a long time ago, and they're still there.

I currently have a web project that I am working on for a group, and so I decided that I would experiment with using them as the provider. I like it! The prices are perfect, the hosting is flexible, access to the account is amazing, and it is just wonderful.

Highly, highly recommended, barring any issues. Oh, and their rules are rather simple, and they do not believe in censorship. Wonderful!
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Tonight, on the Science Channel, they’re running a mini-marathon of shows called “Triumph of the Nerds”. Should be interesting…